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At Hallam Fields we want children to develop their understanding of how computers and technology work, as well as how to use computing safely. Children should be able to use a range of devices as well as understand how networks operate and all about their own digital footprint.  We plan our curriculum to encompass the aims and programmes of study in the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 and to be progressive so that the children develop their skills, knowledge and understanding throughout the four years with us. For each subject we have identified Key Concepts which we will revisit throughout the children's time at Hallam Fields so that we can develop their understanding of how key concepts link between different topics and units of work, helping them to apply their learning and remember more. 

You will find below links to our overview of Computing, our Key concepts and we will be adding some examples of work.


Our aim at Hallam Fields is for children to develop an understanding of how computing can support them in many different contexts, alongside giving them the skills to carry out different operations and processes.  We want our children to be well equipped for an ever-changing technological world, for them to be confident and proficient in the use of computers, iPads and multimedia. Children should develop an understanding of when using technology is beneficial, how they can keep themselves safe whilst online,  and which application is best to use for a given purpose.


As a school we follow the National Centre for Computing Education scheme as we believe this offers clear progression, alongside current and relevant content.  It also offers staff the structure and support required to deliver the curriculum in a progressive manner that builds on prior learning.  This is taught in weekly lessons either in the computer suite or classroom dependent on lesson.  Alongside this we also teach online safety lessons each term using the content from Common Sense Education. We believe it is important to weave this throughout the year constantly to remind children of the need to staff safe and how to achieve this.


Teachers continuously assess children’s knowledge and understanding throughout the lessons , with lessons building upon each other each week allowing staff to assess if children are remembering key learning.  There are tasks built in at the end of units which will also staff to assess the children’s ability to demonstrate what they have learnt. Teachers in following year groups will also be able to identify how well children have remembered their learning as units build upon each other.

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