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At Hallam Fields we want to give children opportunities and experiences to develop their skills in music as well as their appreciation.  As a school we believe in the importance of the Arts which is why we are committed to ArtsMark.  We plan our curriculum to encompass the aims and programmes of study in the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 and to be progressive so that the children develop their skills, knowledge and understanding throughout the four years with us. For each subject we have identified Key Concepts which we will revisit throughout the children's time at Hallam Fields so that we can develop their understanding of how key concepts link between different topics and units of work, helping them to apply their learning and remember more. 

You will find below links to our overview of Music, our Key concepts and we will be adding some examples of work.

Music Performance
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Our children will have experienced a range of musical styles and discovered how music has changed and been influenced by other genres over time. They will develop their musical vocabulary so they can appraise and evaluate pieces of music accurately. They will experience playing tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments with the opportunity to compose their own pieces of music in the genres that they have explored.


Our music curriculum will be implemented through teaching the Kapow Primary Music Scheme. Kapow ensures that teachers are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed for every lesson, no matter their experience or confidence levels. Music will be taught every other week across the school but children also experience different genres of music through Music of the Week sessions.


Children will develop confidence and accuracy when playing tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments. They will be able to keep time and use their knowledge of musical vocabulary to alter a piece of music for impact on an audience. Through their conversations, they will demonstrate further their understanding of musical terms. Children will also be able to describe how music has changed over time and the impact that has had on different cultures and societies.

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