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Absence Procedures: If your child is going to be absent from school for any reason you must contact school as soon as possible. If it is a medical appointment the school should ideally be alerted at least the day before the appointment. Parents should try to make routine appointments after the end of the school day.

Absence for illness: Please ring school and leave your child’s name, class and reason for absence by 9.30am. You should contact the school daily for each day of your child’s absence.


Lateness: According to Department for Education guidelines; Arriving after 9.00am is considered late and your child will miss the important start to the day. Please make sure you come on time. The school bell is rung and the register is taken at 9.00am, after this time your child is late. Registers are completed online and for the school office to access instantly, so if you arrive late please call in at the main office. After 9.05am (allowing time for coats and bags to be hung up and walk in to class) a late mark will be included and after 9.30am a late mark will be included in the unauthorised absence numbers. If lateness and absence are a regular pattern, you may be requested to meet the Headteacher / attendance officer to discuss the reasons or called to attend a pre-legal meeting. Regular absence may lead to an attendance monitoring period for your child, during which the school may request medical evidence for any absence during that period. We will help you all we can to ensure your child attends school. Long term absence or lateness may lead to the issue of a penalty notice.


Persistent Absence: (Poor or irregular attendance) The Government measures our school on attendance and the numbers of Persistent Absence pupils. Whatever the reasons for absence, the Department for Education deems a pupil to be a persistent absentee if they have 10% or more absence (of any kind) on any given day of the school year. Absence for whatever reason disadvantages a child by creating gaps in his or her learning. The school monitors all absence thoroughly. Attendance data is shared with Governors, the Local Authority and the Department for Education.


You can find further details in our attendance policy by clicking here 

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