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At Hallam Fields we want to give children opportunities to participate in a range of sports including through competitive events and festivals.  We plan our curriculum to encompass the aims and programmes of study in the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 and to be progressive so that the children develop their skills, knoweldge and understanding throughout the four years with us. For each subject we have identified Key Concepts which we will revisit throughout the children's time at Hallam Fields so that we can develop their understanding of how key concepts link between different topics and units of work, helping them to apply their learning and remember more. 

You will find below links to our overview of PE, our Key concepts and we will be adding some examples of work.


It is our aim to engage all children in physical education, developing the skills required including teamwork and an enjoyment in some activities.  As part of Erewash School Sports Partnership we want all children to be involved in either a festival or competition outside of school, as well as competing against each other in school.  Children should be exposed to a wide range of different sports as well as learning to swim, and be able to ride their bikes safely.  We also want children to experience outdoor adventurous activities in school and on residential. Children should develop an understanding that physical education is good for their body and mind. Through our work with the local partnership we also want to promote sports in the local community to encourage children to be involved out of school.


As a school we follow Primary PE Planning scheme. This offers progression between different year groups, as well as clear lesson plans which are structured with appropriate teaching points and development.  There are also videos which can be used by staff to develop their own knowledge before teaching or as demonstration for the children. We are also part of Erewash School Sports Partnership who work alongside staff on units of support and through Primary Link Teacher meetings and CPD.  We have also employed a PE Specialist Teacher over many years who continues to support us for different events and to develop staff skills.


Through our scheme there are opportunities to assess children in an ongoing way which also includes children’s involvement in competitions, clubs and festivals so as a school we can assess all children’s levels of involvement and participation as well as progress.  From this as a school we can prioritise funding and future input for groups of children in a focused way. 

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