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Mental Health Ambassadors

These are our Mental Health Ambassadors.  There are 4 Mental Health Ambassadors in each year group. Read what they say about their role below their photos.

Year 3.JPG
Year 4.JPG

‘I like helping people’

‘I have enjoyed spreading a positive message about mental health’

‘I like my shiny mental health ambassador badge’

‘We are really proud to inspire others’

‘We enjoy seeing others help one another after seeing our example’

‘I am a role model for the school’

‘Having this job is lots of fun’

Year 5.JPG

‘The best thing about being a mental health ambassador is that you can know people’s problems and help them when they need it’

‘You get to do projects and have fun’

‘The best thing about being a mental health ambassador is that you can help people be happier and maybe you could be happier yourself too’

‘My favourite thing is that you get to do extra projects like making posters and videos’

‘Being a mental health ambassador has helped me with my own mental health’

‘I really enjoy the job’

‘You get to do fun activities and make people happy’

‘It’s an important job and it’s fun at the same time’

‘I think being a mental health ambassador really helps people’

‘It’s a fun responsibility to have’

‘It opens up a lot of opportunities’

‘It’s fun, I enjoy the responsibility and you get to be part of a team’

‘We get to help people and take part in big projects’

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